Seeking MSU CSUS Graduate Student for 2020-2021

I am seeking a high-quality MS or PhD applicant to join me in the Department of Community Sustainability (CSUS) at Michigan State University beginning Fall 2020 to work on a NSF Growing Convergence Research project.

Our work will primarily be focused on integrating spatial models and decision support tools to study the trade-offs between energy strategies, spaces, and futures.  We will also work on engaging community partners to explore how communities understand and envision energy transitions, and examine the risks, barriers, and opportunities for energy transitions.  Our focus will be on eight case communities, two Anishinaabe Tribal Nations and six non-tribal Michigan communities, that vary along characteristics key to understanding energy transitions.

The position comes with a funded research assistantship.  Please contact me for additional details (; 517-353-0803) and, if interested, apply by following the guidelines provided in the CSUS application materials at

The deadline for applicants’ submission materials to be considered in the first competitive review is November 30, 2019.  Applications will be accepted following that date, and until the position has been filled.

Students who apply should indicate in their academic statement that they are applying for this specific assistantship.  Native American applicants and applicants experienced working with Native American communities are preferred, as are students who can demonstrate a record of academic excellence, and strong oral and written communication skills.

The CSUS graduate program is designed for students interested in issues of community sustainability.  Broadly speaking, faculty, academic staff, and graduate students working in this graduate program tend to focus their work on community food and agricultural systems, natural resources and the environment, tourism and recreation systems, education and civic engagement, and international development. These themes are very broad and they overlap not only with each other but also with issues around sustainable tourism and protected area management, the focus of the department’s other MS and PhD graduate programs. We apply our work in these areas in both domestic and international settings, with numerous faculty and graduate students working in the context of international development.  For more information about the CSUS graduate program, see

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about the position, or if you know students looking for a graduate opportunity PLEASE FORWARD THIS OPPORTUNITY ALONG TO THEM.

Thank you!

Douglas Bessette, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Community Sustainability

Ph: 517-353-0803/ 734-649-9226


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